If I connect with my physician, who is responsible for protecting my data?

If I connect with my physician, who is responsible for protecting my data?

G Medical protects the information collected through the Prizma and your healthcare provider is responsible for protecting your information, as required by healthcare policy.

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    • Do you sell my data?

      G Medical does not resell your data. G Medical may use de-identified EKG recordings for future clinical research and feature improvements. All personal information is removed from a user’s EKG and stored on our secure and encrypted servers.
    • What happens to my data after I cancel/change my service?

      Your past data will be available through the portal. To view present and future data over the portal, please renew your service.
    • What information do you collect?

      When you create your account, G Medical requires the following information: Name, Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Smoking Status, Height, and Weight. You may also be asked for further information, such as activity level, medications and any medical ...
    • Do I need cellular service or Wi-Fi to make a recording on my Prizma?

      Once logged in, Prizma does not require a Wi-Fi or mobile connection to record a test and save it over the phone. However, it requires an active connection in order to synchronize with the Prizma server or to share test results from the application. ...
    • How can I cancel my order?

      To cancel your order, submit a ticket online or by email within 24 hours of placing the order. Be sure to include your order number. Orders that have already been processed or shipped cannot be cancelled, however, you can cancel your order within 15 ...